Phone modem MBLM-2

Phone modem MBLM-2 for m-bus power supply converter

MBLM-2 is a micro controller V32.bis full-duplex phone modem, suited for remote transmission of m-bus or other networks for remote reading. It is equipped with RS-232С interface to connect to server (master modem) or to m-bus power supply converter (slave modem).

user manual

Technical characteristics of MBLM-2

connection protocol V.32 bis / V.22
connection speed 1200/2400/4800/7200/9600/12000/14400 bps
power supply 9 Vac/150mA or 12 Vdc/150mA, adapter 2 mm
power consumption @ 12Vdc < 0.4W (idle), < 0.8W (online)
serial port bps 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps
work temperature from -20° C to +50° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
humidity 40 ÷ 90 %
dimensions (HxWxD), mm 125/70/30 mm
protection class IP30
own weight 160 g

Normal mode of operation MBLM-2

МBLM-2 starts work immediately after power supply is plugged in. After initialization (about 2s), MBLM-2 enters in receiving command mode (master modem) or waits for connection (slave modem). The work mode (master/slave) is determined by the condition of pin RTS (pin 7) of serial port, which is monitored constantly. The following commands can take place:

  • info – returns information about MBLM-2 software version
  • prm – returns information with values of all stored parameters. Also can be used to change parameter value
  • reset – restarts and initializes again МBLM-2
  • dial number – establishes connection with this ‘number’. Only digits are allowed for 'number'. This command is accepted only from master modem and only dial tone is possible.

Commands info and prm are valid when slave modem too, when they are send by master modem through the phone line. That way master modem can change remotely parameters of slave modem or to check their current value and software version of the remote modem.