Scale software

We offer various kinds of scale software. All programs are designed and developed from us, and this is not strange, because we have more than 8 years experience in weight measurement. We offer either more complex software, working with server databases, and more simple and light software in order to be flexible and to satisfy our clients.

With our software the user can collect measurement from weigh scale, to track quantities, to do various reports, to look for malicious acts and other things.

Scale catalogue

We offer the following scale software:

Truck scale program Autoscales v1.1

Autoscales v1.1

Software for truck scales

Truck scale program Autoscales v2.0

Autoscales v2.0

Software for truck scales with expanded possibilities and functions. Can work with more than one scale simultaneously

Scale software Scales v1.1

Scales v1.1

Simple program for collecting data

Scale software Scales v2.0

Scales v2.0

Collecting data, printing notes, detailed reports, articles

Animal software Govedo v1.0b

Govedo v1.0

Special software for animals. Made by request from Biologica

Labeling software ViPrint


Label printing software

Standard Prog

Standard Prog

Software variant between Scale collector v1.1 and v2.0. Some added functions, different, more intuitive vision and work


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