Embedded scale SCT-1

Embedded scale SCT-1

SCT-1 is a stand-alone scale on a circuit board. It is intended to be embed in bigger and more complex devices and instruments. Mostly is used when dosing processes take place and weight measurement is needed. It is build of ADC, memory, serial interface and a small microcontroller. Power supply is 8-30V DC. Scale calibration, and the following weight measurement can be done only via serial interface RS-232/RS-485, using special software, developed by GINEERS. Data protocols are free downloadable at our web site.

user manual

SCT-1 has the following parameters and functions:

number of divisions 500 - 30 000, step 500
division value 1,2,5*10ˆк g., К = -1 ÷ 6
decimal point position 1
initial zero settling ±10%
function “ZERO” range ±2%
zero tracking speed 0,5е/1s
function “TARE” range 50%
maximal display value Мах + 8е

Main technical parameters of SCT-1

weight measurement, using tensometric load cells
input resistance (signal) > 1 MOhm
output resistance of sensor 82 Ohm ÷ 2 kOhm
sensor connection type 4/6-wire
sensitivity 2.0uV
maximal range of measuring signal 20mV
maximal cable lengths, when 4-wire connection is used 5m; cable type LIYCY 4x0.5mm2
serial interface RS-232 standard; RS-485 option
measurement cycle 0.1s ÷ 3 s
measurement error 0,5е; for class III - according to EN 45501:2001
power consumption < 0.4 W
work temperature from -10° C to +40° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
dimensions (H/W/D) 77/55/15 mm
mounting 4 holes 3 mm
power supply 8 ÷ 30V DC
own weight 35 g

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