Pulse counter with m-bus MBHL-2/4

Pulse counter with m-bus MBHL-2

MBHL-2/4 are simplified microcontroller pulse counters with m-bus interface. Their purpose is to connect in m-bus network devices, which do not have m-bus (usually water- and heat- meters with pulse output). MBHL-2/4 have m-bus interface and up to 4 pulse inputs, but no display, keyboard and tariff possibilities are provided. Backup battery is an option. Functionally these counters are same as MBHS, but are not in an enclosure for DIN-rail. The enclosure is for wall mounting, with IP-54. The other difference with MBHS is that this type of counters are cheaper due to the cost-effective enclosure.

user manual

Main technical parameters of MBHL-2 and 4

nominal net voltage 36 VDC
allowable net voltage 12 ÷ 42V DC
nominal power consumption 2mA (1 and 1/3 standard m-bus loads)
number of pulse inputs 2 or 4
display none
max input frequency 20Hz
pulse switch requirements Ron < 5k, Roff > 500k, up to 25m cable length
dimensions (H/W/D) 74x74x40mm
work temperature from 0° C to +50° C

General information

МBHL-2/4 are simplified 2- or 4-input pulse counters, intended to connect in m-bus network tax instruments or other devices, which do not have m-bus interface, but pulse outputs. These counters do not have display, keyboard or RTC (means there is no way to program different tariffs). Their purpose is to optimize prices for remote reading in civil buildings, still offering excellent quality. One MBHL-2/4 can connect maximum of 2 or 4 devices with pulse output to m-bus network. Standard device is powered through the network. Normally when power supply fail if no backup battery provided, MBHL counters write current pulses in flash memory. Then when power supply is restored continue to count pulses from that position. Backup battery is an option. This backup battery assures from 40 to 60 days normal mode of operation work time w/o external power supply. When network voltage is up again, the battery is recharged to full capacity.