Pulse counter with m-bus MBCS-2/4/6/8 (obsolete)

Pulse counter with m-bus MBCS-x

MBCS-2/4/6/8 are microcontroller pulse counters with m-bus interface. Their purpose is to connect in m-bus network devices, which do not have m-bus (usually water- and heat- meters with pulse output). MBCS-2/4/6/8 have 8-digit LCD display, 4-button keyboard, and embedded real time clock. Up to four tariffs can be measured for every pulse input. Mounted on a standard М36 DIN-rail.

user manual

Main technical parameters of MBCS-2/4/6/8

nominal net voltage 36 VDC
allowable net voltage 12 ÷ 42V DC
nominal power consumption 2mA (1 and 1/3 standard m-bus loads)
number of pulse inputs 2/4/6/8
display LCD, symbol, 8 digits
max input frequency 20Hz
pulse switch requirements Ron < 5k, Roff > 500k, up to 25m cable length
working time w/o m-bus net voltage min. 96h (w/o additional battery), min. 3 months (with additional battery)
dimensions (H/W/D) 75/70/105mm
work temperature from 0° C to +50° C

General information

МBCS-2/4/6/8 are n-input pulse counters, intended to connect in m-bus network tax instruments or other devices, which do not have m-bus interface, but pulse outputs. One MBCS-2/4/6/8 can connect maximum of 2/4/6/8 devices with pulse output to m-bus network. They are double powered - normally power supply is from the network, but if network failed for some reason, they switch to internal battery powered supply. This backup battery assures minimum 96h work time w/o external power supply. We also offer as an option additional battery, which will give minimum 90 days work time for the device. When network voltage is up again, the battery is recharged. to full capacity. When a data readout occurred, MBCS also sends battery status, so the additional batteries can be changed before they die.

MBCS-2/4/6/8 have embedded real time clock and calendar, which allows to track up to four time tariffs for each input. Collected pulses for each tariff, and total pulses for each input are saved in separate registers and are read through m-bus network. Tariff defining can be done only via m-bus network.

For client purposes MBCS-x have 8-digit symbol LCD display. The user can check in any moment collected pulses on each input or tariffs, cost of the pulses, medium measured (m3, кWh, etc.), last payment, total payments, etc. These are valid only if correct programming has been made by supplier and can not be taken for real payment, they are intended to orient the customer.