Cos(fi) meter CF4080

Cos(fi) метър CF4080

CF4080 is digital measuring, fully programmable panel instruments from series 4080. CF4080 measures signed value of the phase angle cosine between their voltage and current inputs. CF4080 are designed to be mounted on boards in control rooms in electrical substations.

user manual

CF4080 is offered in following variety*:

- basic option - calculates and displays current cos(fi) value
R free-potential relay contacts for remote signalization are provided
C code-protected user menu
X user is not allowed to change device settings
* - Every option can be ordered in any combination with other options

Main technical parameters of CF4080

input voltage range 0-120 VAC/ 0-250 VAC
input current range 0-1 ААC/ 0-5 AAC/ 0-10 AAC
power supply 55-250 VAC (80-350 VDC)
display super bright red, 4-digit, 76х25 mm visible, purple filter
measurement error < 1.5 % rdg + 4 digit
measurement cycle < 0.5 s
relay contacts count up to 3
power consumption < 3 W
work temperature from 0° C to 55° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
dimensions (H/W/D) 48/96/85 mm or 96/96/85 mm (w/o plugs); 48/96/95 mm or 96/96/95 mm (with plugs)
mounting hole (H/W) 43/90 mm or 90/90 mm quad, centered
protection class IP52 front, IP31 back
own weight 320 g

Normal mode of operation

CF4080 electrical wiring

User-defined parameters

  • show cosine of phase angle sign (on/off)
  • display blinking
  • high level of cosine function
  • low level of cosine function
  • hysteresis
  • relay contact switching delay