Android-based reading app for use with wM-bus receiver WMR-IoT

Walk-by android software

WMR-IoT is a wireless m-bus receiver, intended to collect data from various devices, working in modes T or S according to wireless m-bus standard (EN13757-4). It is connected to an USB port of portable (or stationary) device like laptop, tablet or phone. This application gets data from the receiver and gives the user possibility to easily use the device. To connect oue wireless receiver to a phone or tablet one needs OTG cable with USB A from the side of WMR-IoT connection.

Software is intended to set WMR-IoT devices and to read, decrypt and save readed data. Data can be imported or exported in raw csv files. AES-128 decryption can be accomplished only by predefined AES keys, loaded from csv file.

It is free for use and apk can be provided by Gineers upon request. Tested under Android 7,8,9 and 10, but we will appreciate any reports.

user manual

General information

In practice, without software WMR-IoT would be unusable. Our software can work in two main modes:

  • read and visualize data for every device in range, which is transmitting data;
  • read and visualize data only for certain list of devices, ignoring all others (for instance specific building/entrance/house)

All data is showed in a table and for each meter user can see the following data:

  • meter/device serial number
  • manufacturer code (3-digit)
  • main value (depending on type of the meter)
  • main unit
  • time of readout
  • date of readout
  • signal strength, in dBm
  • free text, if loaded

As an additional info user can see a terminal with full wireless m-bus telegrams. From the things mentioned above important role can play signal strength information. This can be used for fixed networks topology issues. The signal is measured in dBm, which means that lower this value is - better coverage. It is showed usually as negative number.

Except basic functionality, the program offers some useful functions for advanced users:

  • AES-128 CBC decryption, Modes 4 and 5
  • log saving abilities
  • time record for each readout

This app can be used free of charge. Regular updates are made and uploaded on our site. We also can do custom changes by request.