Hour counter THM5036

Брояч на моточасове THM5036

THM5036 is a digital time measuring device. It's main purpose is to count work hours for different machines. When power supply is connected, an internal timer begin to count work time with precision of 1us. When power supply is disconnected, counted hours are memorized in internal EEPROM with precision of 1s.

This device has 6-digit display with height digit of 10mm and can count up to 99 999 hours, then the counter will roll-over to 0.

It is made in 48x48mm plastic box, intended for panel mounting for easy mounting in big machines.

user manual

Main technical parameters of THM5036

time measuring error 1 us
maximum hours to be count 99 999 hours
display super bright red, 6-digit, visible area 30х13 mm, purple filter
power supply 7V ÷ 30V DC
power consumption < 0.4 W (30mA/12VDC)
work temperature from -10° C to +45° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
dimensions (H/W/D) 48/48/60 mm (w/o plugs); 48/48/70 mm (with plugs)
mounting hole (H/W) 40х40 mm quad, centered
protection class IP52 front, IP31 back
own weight 70 g

Normal mode of operation

In its normal mode THM5036 shows and counts work hours, without seconds. Lower digit decimal point is blinking with frequency of 1Hz (i.e 1s), which indicates that the device is working and counting time. When power supply is disconnected current hours are memorized in internal EEPROM memory. When providing THM5036 again with power supply, counting continuous from value, reached before previous turn off.

This device has no further set-ups, because they are not needed.