Fuel mix annalist FMD5036

Анализатор на горивна смес FMD5036

FMD5036 is a simple fuel mix annalist. This devices measures voltage from lambda and defines stoichiometric proportion fuel/air. Can display either lambda value or proportion fuel/air. That way car carburetors can be tuned precisely, with the aim of optimal fuel usage. In the moment FMD5036 is working with Bosch lambda LSH-24, but it is not a problem to be programmed for other types - either narrow band or wide-band.

This device has 6-digit display with height digit of 10mm, but only 3 are used. Can transmit data via RS-232C interface - that way statistics and graphic of tune process can be achieved.

With dimensions of 48x48mm it is easy to be embed in automobile interior.

user manual

Main technical parameters of FMD5036

accuracy in proportion 0.1
maximum input voltage 5V DC
display super bright red, 6-digit, visible area 30х13 mm, purple filter
power supply 12/24V DC
power consumption < 0.4 W
work temperature from -10° C to +45° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
dimensions (H/W/D) 48/48/65 mm (w/o plug); 48/48/75 mm (with plug)
mounting hole (H/W) 40х40 mm quad, centered
protection class IP52 front, IP31 back
own weight 70 g

Normal mode of operation

In it's normal mode FMD5036 shows current proportion between air and fuel. This proportion varies from 0 to 24 (0 can not be achieved). The perfect proportion is 14.7 (lambda = 1). When pressing the button, the display will now show lambda value, instead of fuel-air ratio.

This device can transmit measured values via RS-232. Suitable software can organize that data values in a way, that statistics of carburetor work and graphics can be made.