Digital indicator D4056

Digital indicator D4056

D4056 is a seven-segment digital indicator with four digits, intended to show number value up to 4 digits with decimal point. This device can be mounted on front panel directly. Every digit is controlled individually - with four data inputs А, B, C and D, accepting BCD coding, and three control inputs LE, BL and LT. Decimal point control for every digit is separate, if leaved NC that particular decimal point will light.

user manual

Main technical parameters of D4056

digits 4
low input voltage level on controlling inputs 0V ÷ 5V
high input voltage level on controlling inputs 9V ÷ Vdd
display super bright red, 4-digit, viewable area 60х18 mm, purple filter
power supply 12V ÷ 30V DC
power consumption < 2.6 W (110mA/24VDC)
work temperature from 0° C to +45° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
dimensions (H/W/D) 36/72/80 mm with plug
mounting hole (H/W) 32х67 mm rectangular
protection class IP52 front, IP31 back
own weight 135 g

Normal mode of operation

In its normal mode, D4056 is showing four digits - according to control and BCD inputs level. Every digit can be freezed if needed.

This device has no other functions and that is no keyboard or other interface is provided.